Youth Classes & Events

Youth Classes


WHEN: Now Open for Enrollment!

WHERE: Artist Lab Р1218 K St, Modesto, CA

Why take classes at the PTP’s Artist Lab?

We are dedicated to developing our students as complete performers!

From voice and movement to performing for a live audience, we offer classes that your child is sure to enjoy.

Scholarships Available!

Questions? Please call the box office at 209-549-9341 or email us at

Youth Exclusive Emails

Ignite your child’s creativity and confidence with our Theatre Super Summer Camps!

Here’s why it’s a must for your young star:

Creative Exploration: Let their imagination soar! Our camps provide a vibrant space for kids to explore their creativity through acting, storytelling, and collaborative play.

Confidence Building: Watch your child blossom on stage! Theatre activities encourage self-expression, boost self-esteem, and help them embrace their unique qualities.

Teamwork & Communication: Learn the art of collaboration! Through fun group activities and performances, kids develop essential teamwork and communication skills that extend beyond the stage.

Fun-Filled Learning: Who says learning can’t be a blast? Our Super Summer Camps make education enjoyable, with engaging drama games, exciting challenges, and hands-on experiences.

Friendship & Inclusivity: Forge lasting connections! Theatre is a place where friendships flourish, and kids learn the importance of inclusivity, respect, and supporting one another.

Give your child the gift of a summer filled with laughter, learning, and unforgettable experiences!