Taco Jesus Script

Welcome to another year of Page to Stage! 

A few housekeeping notes and a specific bit about the first show of the season, Michael Lynch’s Taco Jesus

First, we have arranged to have scripts available through Amazon Services for the entire season. The theater does get a small portion of this (similar to how Amazon Smile used to work), and we’d appreciate the contribution, but you’re still free to contact the publisher directly or to make your own arrangements. 

We’ll be meeting in the Artist Lab again, and we’re tremendously grateful to the Artist Lab staff – especially Rachael Pearre and Julie Mello – for helping us coordinate and communicate. It’s likely you’ll be hearing from one of them soon as well. 

If you know anyone who wants to be a part, or who we ought to include, please
email info@prospecttheaterproject.org their contact information.

Tickets for the Premiere Event are now sold out but there are still tickets available for Taco Jesus.

On to Michael Lynch and Taco Jesus. You can get your own hard-bound copy here: Taco Jesus: A Miracle Play

When it was first presented in the 1980s, the world was certainly a different place: politically, economically, technologically. But many questions of faith, and of doubt, in our “modern” world remain largely the same, as Lynch’s exploration makes clear. Featuring a star-studded cast, and Linda’s in the chorus! Don’t miss the show!

Member Cheri Buskirk sends along this tidbit, an episode from 1977: 

“I came across a very interesting Nov 2021 article in Slate, which I recommend people read… It gave me perspectives I’d never thought of (and jogged memories of the long-ago event).

The Slate piece by Josh Levin is sympathetic, and includes terrific links, including the author of Taco USA (and one of my favorite observers), Gustavo Arellano. 

We’ll have another installment shortly, and we look forward to seeing you at the first installment of this season, Sunday, 9/24, immediately following the matinee performance, in the Artist Lab. 


Facilitators Scott and Shannon