Learn valuable skills through play and performing in a safe environment!

Improv – Improvisation for Life, Work, and Entertainment

What is Improv?  

Improv is a form of theatre in which the storytelling is all created spontaneously in the moment without any preconceived ideas or scripts.  

  • Learn how to build trust, develop effective communication, embrace risk taking, enhance active listening and emotional intelligence, learn to be “in the moment”, create memorable moments, and so much more!   
  • Build personal growth in a safe, supportive, and engaging environment    
  • We welcome everyone of all levels, whether you are brand new to Improv, have taken a few classes, a seasoned performer, or public speaker. 

Improv can help to give anyone the tools that will have a lasting impact and build confidence in their abilities.   


Richard Hogeboom (Stanford PhD) has trained and performed with some of the greats of improv including David Razowsky, Mark Beltzman, Rick Andrews, Shannon Winpenny, as well as the Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) in Paris, Amsterdam, and the Alan Alda Communication School in New York. Richard has also been an entrepreneur, teacher, professor, and charter school principal

This beginner’s course is a fun and engaging introduction to the fundamentals and practical skills for anyone new to Improv.  

Students will learn: 

  • Basic rules of improv, developing the ensemble, collaboration, listening skills, spontaneity, and being “in the moment” through a series of exercises, games, and scene work.  
  • At the end of the course students will apply these new skills following the conclusion of the class with short, improvised scenes for their family and friends to enjoy.   

This intermediate course will continue with the groundwork taught in Improv 101.  

  • Students will dive into more extensive improvised scene work, character development, exploration of time and space, space object work, enhancing performance skills, establishing base reality and physically being in the moment with your scene partner. 
  • At the course’s end, students will put together an Improv shortform performance of the skills they have learned for family and friends.   

*Prerequisite-Improv 101 or unless a wavier is given by the instructor based on prior experience or performance capacity.

How can Leaders strengthen their mindset and concrete skills to effectively respond to a rapidly changing environment (what researchers have described as “VUCA” world — volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment)? Introducing a new class offering breakthrough training in Business Improv!  

 Participants will develop: 

  • Interpersonal communication skills to work more smoothly with others 
  • How to build effective teamwork for high productivity 
  • Bring a light touch and humor to serious challenges 
  • Strengthen confidence and comfort in public speaking 
  • Deepening personal commitment for achieving ambitious goals in business and life 

Free Business Improv Drop-In on February 1st 6-8:30pm 

For more information, email info@prospecttheaterproject.org



January 31st – February 28th


March 14th – April 18th

(No class April 4th)




February 12th-March 12th


March 26th – April 30th

(No Class April 9th)