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Auditions for Rhinoceros at Prospect Theater Project


Roles for 10 actors with 5 male characters and 5 female characters.

Rehearsals begin 7 December 2020. Rehearsals are weekday evenings, 6pm – 9pm.

Production opens 15 January 2021and is scheduled to run January 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30, 31. Fridays, Saturdays, and one Thursday at 7:30pm and Sundays at 2pm. There is a Talk-back with the production team scheduled for Sunday 31 January 2021 immediately following the closing performance.

by Eugene Ionesco, translated by Derek Prouse.
The sublime is confused with the ridiculous in this savage commentary on the human condition. A small town is besieged by one roaring citizen who becomes a rhinoceros and proceeds to trample on the social order. As more citizens are transformed into rhinoceroses, the trampling becomes overwhelming, and more and more citizens become rhinoceroses. One sane man, Berenger, remains, unable to change his form and identity.


Beringer: Male, 20-45
The main character; drinks too much; unkempt; warm-hearted; doesn’t feel like he fits into society; deeply disturbed by the rhinos and feels guilty about their rise; vows to never give in to them.

Jean: Male, 20-45
Well dressed; stern; self-righteous; contradicts himself; old friend to Berenger and seems to delight in putting him down; the first to rationalize his transformation into a rhinoceros; must be able to convincingly transform into a beast over the course of a scene.

Daisy: Female, 20-45
Berenger’s crush, and later, briefly, his lover; she is warm-hearted and kind and seemingly horrified by the rhinos, like Berenger, but eventually decides to join them, saying that they are beautiful.

Logician: Male, 30-65
Makes “logical arguments” in a completely illogical way; this actor must be able to say absurd things with a serious face; think Leslie Nielson; later, this actor is a puppeteer for one of the rhino heads.
Botard/Waitress: Female, 20-55
Botard considers herself to be a working-class hero, and has ties to communist movements, but she’s a blowhard, and says things that are contradictory; she refuses to believe that the rhinos exist for far too long, calling the news “propaganda”. The waitress serves Berenger and Jean in the first scene and is shocked to see a rhinoceros run by.

Dudard/Grocer: Male, 20-45
A young hot shot at Berenger’s office; he’s handsome, going places, and is Berenger’s competition for Daisy’s affections; he makes excuses for the rhinoceroses saying that they must have a good reason for transforming, and that really we should give them a chance. The grocer, ever the salesman, tries to sell his goods, even in the midst of a rhinoceros running about.

Mrs. Papillon/Grocers wife: Female, 30-45
Mrs. Papillon is Berenger’s boss and earnestly wants to get to the bottom of the rhinoceros mystery…except that it’s eating up the work day; she is very flummoxed that so much time is being wasted discussing the rhinos, when there’s work to be done. The Grocer’s wife, like the grocer, is trying to run a business despite the rhino mayhem; she has disdain for the Housewife.

Mrs. Boeff/Café Proprietor: Female, 30-55
Mrs. Boeuf is a devoted wife, who shows up at her husband’s office to let them know he is sick and won’t be coming in, but she is very stressed, as she was chased there by a rhinoceros; upon realizing the rhinoceros is her husband, transformed, Mrs. Boeuf says she will not leave him, and rides away on his back. The Cafe Proprietor, like the Grocer, is just trying to run her business, despite the rhinoceros rampage.

Old Gentleman: Male 50-65
Friends with the Logician; not too bright; a bit lecherous, particularly towards the housewife; later, this actor is a puppeteer for one of the rhino heads

Housewife/Firefighter: Female, 20-45
The Housewife, at first tries to avoid the Grocer and the people in the square, but eventually turns to them, hysterical after her cat is trampled by a rhinoceros. The Firefighter rescues the people in the office after a rhinoceros takes out the staircase.s.