Past Seasons


Three Tall Women

Edward Albee
Directed by Colton Dennis and featuring Grace Lieberman.
Albee’s Pulitzer Prize winning play is witty, hilarious, haunting, and swims in the dark pools of the human heart’s most inner secrets. The first act presents a lawyer, a caregiver and a rich, bitter, and angry elderly matron. In the second act their true identities are revealed, and it is breathtaking to witness, to say the least.


The Physicists
Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Directed by Heike Hambley.
The Swiss playwright’s masterpiece of espionage, nuclear proliferation and the dilemma of the scientist’s responsibility is set in – of all places – a mental institution. This compelling combination of black comedy and psychological thriller probes beneath the surface and keeps audiences at the edge of their seats.


Molly Sweeney
Brian Friel
Directed by Michael Caine and featuring Kathleen Ennis.

From one of Ireland’s leading playwrights, this striking piece of dramatic prose presents three viewpoints on Molly’s life. The blind woman, her husband and her doctor spin a multilayered tale of motivations and emotions. “A richly illuminating work … intellectually, it shimmers with a limpid beauty.” (Irish Press)


Bach at Leipzig
Itamar Moses
Directed by Heike Hambley.
This new, unique and brainy comedy by this young Berkeley playwright explores the depths to which six 18th century musicians will sink to pursue a coveted post. Insecurities, ideologies and ambitions collide, creating hilarious opportunities for word and swordplay — a wild and witty exploration of the nature of art, religion and politics.


This Day and Age
Nagle Jackson
Directed by Charlotte Ferreira
What’s to be done with Mother?  The recently-widowed matriarch of successful doctor decides to sell the “home place,” a lovely wooded estate on Long Island, and move to New Zealand.  Her children have other plans for their childhood home and for Mother’s future.  This Day and Age is a warm, humorous, and thoughtful exploration of the occasional tension, misunderstanding and, ultimately, love that characterizes all family relationships.

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