2015-2016 Season


PrisonerThe Prisoner of Second Avenue by Niel Simon
September 18 – October 4, 2015
Middle-age, economic meltdown, urban angst, a city on the edge of crisis. What’s not to laugh about? Prospect’s first foray into the imagination of Neil Simon in his 1972 Tony nominated comedy, of which Clive Barnes of the New York Times wrote: “It is, I think, the most honestly amusing comedy that Mr. Simon has so far given us.”


Whipping ManThe Whipping Man by Mathew Lopez

Directed by Jack Souza
November 20 – December 13, 2015

This is the story of three men in Richmond, VA at the end of the Civil War. Two are former slaves, waiting in an empty house for the former owners to return; the third, a wounded confederate soldier. The three men wrestle with their shared past, the bitter irony of Jewish slave-owning and the reality of the new world in which they find themselves as the last night of Passover sets on this Jewish home.

The Belle of Amherst by William Luce
January 8 – 17, 2016

BelleThis one-woman play explores the life of American Poet, Emily Dickinson, and the things that were most dear to her: family, religion, love, and humor. Her poems were published after her death, introducing a vibrant, complex, timeless woman.
Featuring Jenni Abbott as Emily

DeathDeath of a Salesman by Arthur Miller
Directed by David Barbaree
February 19 – March 13, 2016

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, this is the story of Willy Loman, a failing salesman, who cannot understand why he did not find success and happiness. Through a series of tragic soul-searching revelations of the life he has lived with his wife, his sons and his
business associates, we discover how his quest for the “American Dream” kept him blind to the people who truly loved him.
Featuring Jack Souza as Willy Loman

Clean HouseThe Clean House by Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Carin Heidelbach
May 6 – 22, 2016

Lane is a doctor with a Brazilian cleaning-woman, Matilde, who wants to be a stand up comic. Matilde hates to clean, but finds an ally in Lane’s sister who happily cleans for her while Lane’s husband announces he has found his soul mate. It is a whimsical, poignant look at love, class, and the telling of a good joke.

PTP logoProspect World Premiere
July 8 – 24, 2016

Prospect returns to its exploration of new works by current playwrights. The summer 2016 slot will feature an original play that will be work shopped, refined, and performed in July. We are excited to bring artists and audiences together on uncharted ground – these are the experiences that make live theater live!