Intergenerational Youth Theater Project

To allow local youth and seniors to work hand-in-hand, exchanging energy and strength for wisdom and experience in an atmosphere of caring, respect, and theatrical creativity. This project is about creating theater. Participants in the project will receive a foundation in the theater arts: acting, storytelling, voice, movement, improvisation, etc. The workshops will culminate in a production that will allow participants to feel the thrill of live performance, and the audience to experience a wonderful evening of theater, stories, and perhaps even song. This project is also about forging community bonds by bringing together two disparate – and often isolated – groups and providing them an emotionally and intellectually meaningful creative experience.

July 20 – August 6:
Mon. – Thurs. 10:00-2:00

Saturday, August 8
Sunday August 9
Times: TBD

Participation cost: $200