Open Auditions

Prospect Theater Project Announces Open Auditions

Prospect Theater Project will hold auditions for its two upcoming productions on Saturday, May 23rd from 10am-6pm. Available roles are outlined below. The rehearsal process for PTP productions lasts approximately 4-5 weeks, and performances run for 4 weekends. Out of town actors are paid a modest gas stipend and all actors receive a free season subscription.

Auditions will be held at Prospect Theater Project located at 520 Scenic Drive in Modesto. To schedule an audition or get more information, please email

Actors should bring a resume and a headshot, and be prepared for cold readings. A short monologue is recommended.

This Day and Age by Nagle Jackson
Performances July 10th – August 2nd, 2009
Rehearsals to begin June 2009.

Two available roles:

  • Marjorie — 60’ish, mother of two adult children, very comfortable with herself.
  • Brian — 40-50’ish, British, Margaret’s son-in-law, classical music radio announcer (somewhat “plummy” voice preferable)

Moon for the Misbegotten by Eugene O’Neil
Performances September – October 2009
Rehearsals to begin August 2009

Five available roles:

  • Jim Tyrone (male, mid-30s-40s) Tortured, misbegotten lost sheep. An actor. Wealthy, guilt-ridden, sardonic, charming, drinks a lot, in sore need of redemption.
  • Josie Hogan (female, late 20s to 40) Describes herself disparagingly as a “great cow of a woman”, earthy, maternal, emotionally direct, with an intimidating presence. pretends to be hard, coarse, and “one of the guys”?but in truth is winsome, vulnerable, naive, and nurturing.
  • Phil Hogan (male, mid 50s-60s). Josie’s father. Cunning, fun loving, hotheaded, comic, blue collar. Of Irish stock . Phil spends much of the play drunk or pretending to be drunk.
  • Mike Hogan (male, early 20s) Josie’s youngest brother. Frequently referred to by the other characters as “moral” and “self-righteous”, and is genuinely a good person.
  • T. Steadman Harder (male, 20-30s). A wealthy, uppity, detestable landowner. Disdainful, entitled, easily shocked, is not genuinely a good person, and is comically eviscerated by Phil and Josie. A straw dog, all bark no bite.