Three Days of Rain

Mark Dooley, David Messamer, and Angi Ciccarelli in PTP’s critically acclaimed Three Days of Rain

Three Days of Rain
by Richard Greenberg 

Running through October 21st, 2012
Fridays &  Saturdays @ 8 pm, Sundays @ 2 pm
Thursday, October 18th at 8pm ($5 student rush, with student ID)

Picture the early 1960s, sometime between the beatnik and the hippie eras in an appealing shabby apartment in rain-soaked Greenwich Village. A newly discovered journal, filled with enigmatic entries, recalls two young architects, unaware they’re on the brink of fame, struggle with plans for an important commission. But it’s left for their children, thirty years later, to sort out the mystery behind their lives and loves. At once complex and funny, this story will hold audiences spellbound.