A Moon for the Misbegotten


Eugene O’Neill’s

A Moon for the Misbegotten

Directed by David Barbaree
(The Constant Wife, Road to Mecca, The Beauty Queen of Leenane)

It’s 1923, rural Connecticut, the Hogan farm. Phil Hogan is as Irish as they come in all respects, including his disregard for the strict truth and his monumental drinking. His daughter Josie lives with him. Outsized in body, she’s reputed to be equally outsized in her taste for men. Rumor has it she’s had it on with most of the men in her neighborhood. But her one real love is the landlord, James Tyrone, who is the only man around who regularly drinks Phil into the ground.  Tyrone is just waiting around on his inheritance: when it comes through, he’ll leave town but only after selling the farm to Phil at a good price. But Tyrone’s a drunk: he doesn’t always remember what he’s said and he’s just been offered five times as much for the farm as the Hogans can pay. Phil tells Josie that Tyrone has agreed to sell the farm away from them. Angry and hurt, she sets out to entice Tyrone into her bed: once he’s bedded her, she knows he’ll feel obliged to marry her. Out of this sordid scheming, O’Neill fashions a tale of romance that breathes poetry from its very pores –it’s funny too! Josie and Tyrone both have something to lose. Josie may be tough as nails outside but she’s vulnerable and hurt inside. Tyrone numbs himself with alcohol to hide a terrible self-loathing. At last, their love is too fragile: their vulnerabilities doom their one last chance for redemption. Moon has been a magnet for actors since its opening on Broadway more than fifty years ago. To name a few, Colleen Dewhurst, Jason Robards, Jr., Kevin Spacey, have all tried their hands at the roles of the doomed lovers. Now it’s the turn of the talented cast at the Prospect.

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